Patuharakeke Trust Board

Patuharakeke Trust Board has been in existence since 1990 when it was formed primarily to look after the economic interests of the hapu.

The Trust Deed sets out a number of objects and purposes including such matters as;

  • Seeking opportunities for and encouraging training, work experience and creation of employment for Patuharakeke people

  • promoting and make provision for educational and economic advancement including the promotion and maintenance of the health, education and spiritual wellbeing  of Patuharakeke people

  • to protect and utilise all land, water and sea based resources of Patuharakeke Te Iwi

The Board’s powers and authorities enable us to function as a business, own properties, make investments and so forth.

PTB Trustees

The Trust Deed requires a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 7 trustees. The Trust Board has the power to appoint trustees, new Trustees were confirmed after the AGM in 2016.

Trust Board meetings are generally held on the evening of the last Friday of the month and are open to whanau. A number of sub committees also sit under the mantle of Patuharakeke Te Iwi Trust Board.

The Current trustees are:

  • Gilbert Paki (Acting Chair)

  • Juliane Chetham (Acting Secretary)

  • Guy Gudex

  • Deborah Harding

  • Joanne Hammon

  • Ani Pitman


PTB general policies and protocols can be found below.

The PTB Trust Deed and Communications Protocol are now available to read. More policies will be added as they are developed and/or reviewed.

What we do

Our key vision is to enhance the social development and economic advancement of Patuharakeke Hapu while holding fast to our tikanga and kaitiaki values.

Broadly, this entails activities such as seeking opportunities to support the education of our whanau, maintaining the kaumatua flats, engaging in resource management and planning, maintaining relationships with the community, stakeholders, industry and advancing Patuharakeke Waitangi Tribunal claims.

Patuharakeke Te Iwi Trust Board: PO Box 557, Whangārei

Takahiwai Marae: 229 Takahiwai Rd, Takahiwai, 0171. Email:

Many whanau and friends have contributed to this website but we would especially like to acknowledge Gilbert Paki, Harry Midwood, Guy Gudex and Paraire Pirihi for providing some of the historical context; David Milner for providing photos and maps, Kieran Connellan for his photos (see; Terenga Parāaoa Marae Komiti and Te Warihi Hetaraka for allowing use of the kowhaiwhai pattern; Juliane Chetham for ongoing maintenance of the site. Ngā mihi nui koutou. Disclaimer: The PTB board accepts no liability associated with publications, media or communications regarding PTB activity or business that has not been authorised by PTB in advance.