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Te Taiao Environment




Patuharakeke are keenly aware that healthy people need a healthy environment. The spiritual, cultural, social and economic health of our hapu has been compromised by the alienation and poor management of our natural resources. We are striving to have more effective participation in environmental management and decision-making.

Over the last decade in particular, the hapu have been faced with increasing pressure to respond and have input into a variety of resource management issues. Industrialisation at Poupouwhenua, proliferation of coastal subdivisions and the continued degradation of our waterways and harbour have captured much of the Trust Board’s time, resources and energy. In order to be less reactive and more proactive we have recently completed our Hapu Environmental Management Plan.

Juliane Chetham currently manages the Resource Management and Customary Fisheries Portfolio’s on behalf of the Trust Board.

Hapu Environmental Management Plan

The Trust Board recently completed a Draft Environmental Management Plan. The plan identifies environmental kaupapa of significance to Patuharakeke and details how we expect to…

Resource Management

Patuharakeke Te Iwi Trust Board aim to set up a self sustaining Resource Management Unit in the near future. At present much of the resource…

Rohe Moana Committee

The Roopu Mana Moana is a subcommittee of the Patuharakeke Te Iwi Trust Board and is mandated to act on our behalf on all matters…

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