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Treaty Claims

Patuharakeke have several claims before the Waitangi Tribunal, our key claims are Wai 745 and Wai 1308.

At the time of laying our evidence, there had been 15 years of tireless work and research by our Claims Progression Committee culminated in the presentation of our briefs of evidence before the Waitangi Tribunal  October 2013.  It was a very emotional experience to finally have the opportunity to tell our story. Of course the journey is far from over, and we will continue in our quest for fair and just recognition of our Treaty grievances.

Our Claims Progression Committee Members are:

  • Guy Gudex (Chairperson)

  • Luana Pirihi

  • Gilbert Paki

Our dedicated Beneficiaries Registrations Committee are:

  • Maria Mete

Guy Gudex is the key contact for claims related queries and communications and can be reached via

Dixon and Co Lawyers are our legal team and have been central in guiding and supporting us through the claims process. See

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