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Te manu e kai ana te miro nona te ngahere. Te manu e kai ana te matauranga, nona te Ao!

The bird that partakes of miro berry theirs is the forest. The bird that partakes of knowledge, theirs is the world.

The Patuharakeke Te Iwi Trust Board administers the NorthPort, T.R.Kepa and H.M. Pirihi and the Refining NZ Scholarships. It provides financial assistance to students who meet all of the criteria set out in the application form which can be downloaded here. Descendants of Patuharakeke are invited to submit an application during the scholarship round which opens between December and March each year. We need confident, skilled and educated people to continue to guide and support our development. We proactively seek to build competence in our whanau to ensure we will be capable of managing our own assets and our natural resources going into the future.

2021 scholarships have closed.



The Patuharakeke Education Sub Committee has completed the scholarship process for 2021.


The 2021 Scholarship Sub Committee members were:

  • Maria Mete

  • Juanita Hool (Marae trustees representative)

  • Francida Doak (Whānau representative)

  • Greg Blomfield, Bailey Beddis (Northport)

  • Sanjo Kuindersma (Refining NZ

Successful Recipients

Year   Name                                Place of Study                                                Studies


2021    Tina Lumsden                University of Auckland                                    Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Primary specialisation


2021    Ihaia Swann                    New Zealand College of Chiropractic        Bachelor of Chiropractic


2021    Thalia Heiwari                Victoria University of Wellington                Biomedical Science Degree majoring in Molecular Pathology

2021.   Alyssa Thomas               Victoria University of Wellington                Bachelor of Science, double major in Geography and Development Studies  and a minor in Māori studies

2021.   Te Rauaroha Tuhoro    Victoria University of Wellington               Law Degree

2021    Mikayla Murray              University of Waikato                                      Bachelor of Arts, double major in Te Reo Māori and Sports Development

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